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"Sorry to be a bit blunt however your assumptions are a little ignorant.

I don't own or carry a glock as I am not very fond of them.

You claim a cocked pistol is not safe....I will partially agree with you in the case of a 1911. I personally would carry it cocked and locked however I do believe a Dao pistol is safer.

With a glock however, even of 99% cocked it cannot fire. Not mechanically possible in a pistol which is full working order. The striker needs to go back before it can go forward. "

In the first place, I made NO "assumptions".

I did NOT say that a cocked pistol is "not safe". I said that the P250 is "the SAFER of the two designs". NOT the same thing. Try reading a little more carefully.

All that is required to fire a Glock, pre-cocked as it is, is a short, light pull of the trigger. MUCH shorter than the P250.
As with many others, you are ASSUMING that the safety devices in a Glock cannot possibly malfunction ("trusting the safety devices 100 %"). YOU used the word IMPOSSIBLE. HOGWASH. ThAT sir, is ignorant. However, it is true that Glocks have an excellent reliability record, including the safety devices. No argument here. Unfortunately, it is that propensity for reflexively putting one's finger on the trigger that gets people into trouble with Glocks, because they are pre-cocked and so easily fired. A circumstance that, I'll wager a million bucks, almost never occurs with a true DAO, such as the P250. It is FAR, FAR more difficult to negligently fire a P250 this way, because of the long trigger pull. Also, the exposed hammer gives a visual indication of the gun being cocked.

Given the FACT that Glocks have increasingly figured in accidental (or negligent) discharges of late, such as the recent case of the man who shot and killed his 7 yr. old son, while climbing into his truck and reaching to place the gun (a Glock) into the console compartment.....and the FACT that cases of this happening with true DAO's are, at best, very few and far between (I've NEVER heard of one such case involving the P250)......I'll consider my point proved, as best it can be. Granted, no one has data on ALL of the accidental discharges involving handguns, certainly not that lists the type involved anyway. But, data of this sort IS compiled by police agencies involving their OWN personnel - and this data indicates that Glocks figure very prominently in the cases of accidental discharges by LEOs. So, if even the (relatively) well-trained police have difficulties with accidental discharges with Glocks, how would poorly trained (or untrained civilians fare) ?

The P250 IS the safer design, when compared with a Glock (or any other closely similar design). Whether anyone likes it or not. That in no way goes to say that Glocks are bad guns...nor does it say that Glocks are inherently unsafe. Not at all. Handled PROPERLY, they are certainly "safe". But NOT as safe as designs like the P250. That was my original statement - that the P250 is the safer design, between the two. That's ALL I said. Some may not wish to believe it, but that changes nothing. You may not want to believe that the earth is round, but it still is, nevertheless.
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