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Go to the Natchez site:

and look at the various components you want. There is a little icon that looks like an envelope. Click on that, and follow the directions. Then you will get an email notifying you when that item is in stock. I did that and will get a few pounds of powder in two days. Had to wait about 3 weeks for that to happen, but the point is, they will tell you when you can place an order.

This shortage is darned annoying. Like others, I saw it coming when suddenly Remington small pistol primers were out of stock at our local Sportsmans. Went online and Midway and others were either low stock or out of stock. Went back to gun shop and bought a couple thousand Federal primers. Hope I don't run out before things loosen up. When supplies do get back on the shelf, I am going to build up a "stockpile" of stuff so this won't catch me again. Life is short, and the less time I spend being ****** the better.
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