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One other point, which is controversial.....but I'll mention it anyway. With the Glock, slide movement pre-cocks the striker most of the way. The short trigger movement finishes cocking the striker and releases it. Thus, if carrying with a loaded chamber, you are carrying a (mostly) cocked pistol at all times. I speak for no one else, but I will NOT carry a cocked pistol (if loaded) - as a matter of principle. It is just too easy to have an accident. Others will disagree - so be it. But, I was trained to NEVER trust safety devices (on firearms) 100 %. With the Glock, you are essentially required to trust said safety devices.
It is impossible for the Glock to fire without the trigger being pulled. It just cannot happen. Even if the striker were to somehow fling forward, the gun will not fire. You make an assumption that because a striker spring is under tension that it could somehow, magically light off a round in the chamber without the trigger being pulled. Well that's correct, for that to happen, it would have to be magic.

You said you don't carry Glocks and you don't like them. It's a safe bet that you have no clue how they work as a result (and based on what you've written about the safety here). Stick to things you do know, rather than perpetuating misinformation and lies.
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