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Safe until you cock it. Cock it doesn't look hard I've not done it personally though.
True, but the only way to uncock it without some good thumb pressure is to fire the gun. The spring in my Chipmunk is pretty stout, and while I, a 6 foot 220Lb guy have no problem with it, little hands do. No feed ramp is also not a SUPER big deal, but my Remington Targetmaster is much easier to use than the Chipmunk. The Remington is a full sized rifle with a 24'' barrel, not a good youth rifle. The Chipmunk has a 4lb trigger (I checked mine)...but the gun weighs less than 3 pounds, thats hard on little fingers when the pull is heavier than the gun.
The Savage addresses these issues by providing an adjustable trigger, feed ramp, cocks on opening and has an external safety. I still like my Chipmunk, makes a great backpacking rifle (its quite accurate), but it is no longer used by my girls.

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