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H&R 32cal top break question

I have a .32cal H&R top break revolver that was handed down that I’ve fired maybe 100 times. A local gunsmith looked at it and told me the gun was probably manufactured in the early 1950’s, sold for maybe $5.95 back then and had little value today. I recently did a little online research and found that the gun may be much older and may be unsafe firing modern smokeless powder cartridges. That is a very big concern.

The nickel plating is in very good condition and I would be very surprised if it is anywhere near as old as what research is revealing.

Is this a black powder only gun?

If so, my experience with local dealer’s gunsmith may be quickly going south.

Attached are two photos and the physical markings are as follows:

1. Markings on top of barrel:

First line:
Harrington & Richardson Arms Company Worcester, Mass. USA

Second line:
PAT. OCT.4.87. MAY 14 & AUG.6.89. APRIL 2.95. APRIL 7. 1895

No other markings on barrel.

2. Serial number stamped on bottom under left grip: 25197

3. Cylinder stamped with: 197


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