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SCOTUS Blog: A new gun rights issue arises by Lyle Denniston.

01/29/2013 103 NON-DISPOSITIVE OPINION, question certified to the New York Court of Appeals, by DJ, FILED.[829365] [11-2420]--[Edited 01/29/2013 by DH]--[Edited 01/29/2013 by DH]

01/29/2013 105 ORDER, certifying question to the New York State Court of Appeals, FILED.[829429] [11-2420]

01/29/2013 107 CERTIFIED ORDER, dated 01/29/2013, to New York Court of Appeals, FILED.[830188] [11-2420]
Before: JACOBS, Chief Judge, WALKER , Circuit Judge, AND O’CONNOR, U.S. Supreme Court Justice (Ret.)

Justice O'Conner, writing the decision, avoids (remporarily) the tough question and certifies the question to the New York Court of Appeals (their Supreme Court):

Part-time New York resident, who is not a domiciliary of the State, appeals from the grant of summary judgment denying injunctive relief from New York’s statutory handgun licensing requirement. The United States District Court for the Northern District of New York (D’Agostino, J.) concluded that the statute limits the grant of handgun licenses to domiciliaries of the State. We hold that certification of this statute’s interpretation to the New York Court of Appeals is warranted.
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