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The "short" trigger for the P250 is a SHORT REACH trigger. That is, it is shaped a bit differently than the standard one, in order to be easier to reach for people with small hands/ short fingers. It does NOT, however, alter the pull length (or reset) in any way.

I will put in a recommendation for the P250. Very accurate, dead nuts reliable (I've put over 1000 rounds through mine with ZERO problems), the flexibility of the three different overall sizes, plus three different grip sizes for each of the Large and Compact frames. The Sub-Compact is available in only two grip sizes. The modular design makes for easy maintenance and repair. The gun is very well made and at the price is a good value.

Despite the long trigger pull (and reset), the trigger is not hard to learn. It is only a matter of getting used to it. Granted, if you switch back and forth between different trigger designs, such as SA only or DA/SA....and the DAO P250, it will be more difficult to maintain proficiency with any of them. But, if you have the P250 as your only pistol, then you will get maximum value from your practice sessions. For purposes of SD shooting and practice along those lines, I've never found the long trigger of the P250 to be a handicap. If I was involved in competition shooting, I wouldn't choose the P250....but for everything else, it does just fine.

One other point, which is controversial.....but I'll mention it anyway. With the Glock, slide movement pre-cocks the striker most of the way. The short trigger movement finishes cocking the striker and releases it. Thus, if carrying with a loaded chamber, you are carrying a (mostly) cocked pistol at all times. I speak for no one else, but I will NOT carry a cocked pistol (if loaded) - as a matter of principle. It is just too easy to have an accident. Others will disagree - so be it. But, I was trained to NEVER trust safety devices (on firearms) 100 %. With the Glock, you are essentially required to trust said safety devices.

The P250, on the other hand, is NEVER cocked (even partially), UNTIL you pull the trigger. That is why it was designed with a relatively long trigger pull. Sorry to those who don't want to hear this - but the P250 IS the SAFER design of the two. It simply IS.

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