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I just got a little irritated reading an article on Real Guns' website.

I have always passed on owning a British Enfield for a variety of reasons. The first is the two piece stock that can never be made to look slick as a sporter. the second is the anemic 303 British round and the third is the rifle's reputation for having a less than robust action that is rated for only moderate pressure levels.
Really??? I don't call a MV of 2,720fps and 2465 ft lbs of energy quite anemic! I have hunted with the .303 round since I was 14 years old. And it will absolutely knock a whitetail's butt in the DIRT! Its is a man stopper round no doubt also. And then he touts the stock can't be made to look SLICK! In other words he can't BUBBA THE FINE ENFIELD easily! These morons who write these articles will praise a 30-30 Win, 35 Rem, etc. REALLY?? Whatever! To all the .303 haters LEAVE THEM ENFIELDS ON THE RACK, I'LL BE ALONG SHORTLY
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