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There seems to be alot of real experts out there - i am new to the enfield rifle and am trying to figure out the story behind the one i just picked up. I know its not worth much - its real beat up and seen alot of use but the marks don't seem to match much of what i have read about it.

one the left side of the bolt it is marked - no4mk2 (
- just behind the screw head on that side is what i think is the serial number - 2134 no letters just the number. The only other marks i can make out is on the brass butt plate - M23S

in the stock on the right side it has 405 horizontal to the butt plate and on the left side it has 4/2134 horizontal to the barrel.

there is a mark on the strap - but i can't make it out. also on the bolt it appears to have the mark - FY?K11. any ideas on where this was made?

Sorry - i made a mistake - its a No4MK2,

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