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Wow my last post was full of typos. Gotta love posting from a phone.

Thanks Technosavant for the links

I didn't get to bring the glock home but it felt good in my hands.

So I'm kinda back to where I was.
Loved the feel of both guns.
Out of the box the glock fit my hands better but like I suspected of my natural aim was high. I know I can overcome that with practice

The Sig seemed to have better sights but is heavier and think I'll need the smaller grips.
Even with the new grips I'm looking pretty much the same money.
Wish I could just buy both

I'm going to see if a range here has one of each I can rent for a session... Now if I just can find ammo

Thanks again for all the input, I know I'm asking for a lot of input but I'm just trying to learn as much as I can before I drop $500
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