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If you carry a .22 on hikes, do you prefer a revolver or semiauto and why?
Here is my choice for a .22 to carry on hikes. On a long hike, weight is a definite consideration. If I remember correctly, its specs are 9.9 ounces empty. It is a S&W Model 317 Airlite. It is eight shot and has a three inch barrel and adjustable sights. (You would be surprised at how much more shootable that extra inch of barrel makes it.) When I am just walking the woods, riding my 4 wheeler, or working around, I wear it in a nylon holster on my hip. It is so light I can't even feel it there. It never gets in the way of anything I am doing. I have a Ruger Single Six convertible also. It is a very good gun, but the S&W is so handy that I have removed the LR cylinder from the Ruger and just use the magnum cylinder in it.

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