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Sorry you don't like my message Pud, but I tried to do the OP a favor by moving them to a better pistol. Bud's is currently out of stock on the Sig P250 which should tell us something. You can buy a new one off GunBroker for $425.00 vs. buying a Bersa 380 from Bud's at $329.00. The full MSRP on a Sig P250 is $570.00, but who pays full MSRP?

Your statement that a Sig P250 is hundreds above the price of a Bersa is mis-leading at best. I have a Bersa 380 and I own two Sig P250's plus an extra X-Change Kit. There is no comparrison in my opinion. Yes, there are other Sig models for hundreds more.

Which pistol would you take for about a hundered dollars difference in price with some smart shopping? Why not give the OP some options to consider?

I bought my Bersa new for over $300 and had to send it back for repair within the first twenty rounds. The repair was under warranty but the shipping cost was expensive and on me. I was also without the Bersa for close to a month.
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