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I use a Remington 700 BDL in .22-250 for coyotes. There generally down in 1 shot and a semi auto isnt needed for follow ups, although theres no denying it would be faster i just dont see the need. My areas dont have sight lines past about 300 yds but its got plenty of reach to go that far and im sure more. Plus i take it out to SD to do some prairie dog hunting, and i dropped a whitetail with it 3 years ago.

If i had to choose a 2nd round it would be the .17 Remington, the rimfires can stay at home in my book. I wont deny they are adequate in many situations but why not have a round that is good in all scenarios? Bottom line is take em how you can, there yotes after all... Also i think the .17WSM will be less than expected. I can smell hype from a mile away, its case is based off a nail gun blank after all...
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