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I'd say pretty much all the No5's people have in their hands today, got action due to the low numbers available.
And they haven't seen that level of use since then. The most heavily used No.5 carbines got repaired or scrapped, other less heavily used carbines may have never developed any wandering zero problems while in service, and are highly unlikely to do so now when fired at a range or on a hunting trip.

No.5 Carbines in NIB condition were sold here in the early 70's for $35 in discount stores. From what I remember these were correct No.5 carbines with a Suncorite finish and brand new wood without a mark on them.
More than likely FTR'ed and brought out of storage to be sold off.
Those may have seen action many years earlier, but were as new when sold off.
These would show only the wear they have received since then in the field as deer rifles, or no wear at all if simply hung on a wall or left in the wrap in a closet.

All issued military rifles varied immensely in the treatment and amount of use they received in wartime. Those that got the worst beating were scrapped, some were refurbished, others were never to see combat at all for one reason or another before hostilities ceased.
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