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Ruger MK... Pistols

I was at the range yesterday and in the lanes that were reserved for CCW training/qualifying they, of course, used range-supplied rental .22lr guns for the job (both costs and user friendliness). Anyhow, I watched how even the novices relatively new to the sport would comfortably handle the Ruger MKIII for the semi-side of the mandatory quals. I have lots of .22lr pistols but I keep coming back to that decades old design of the Ruger MK Series for any serious competition or high-volume shooting--I have well over 30k through mine and it hasn't skipped a beat in all these years. Conversely, while I absolutely love my newer designed .22lr semis like my GSG 1911-22, my buddy's SR-22 and even the range rental M&P 22 they seem to be of far "inferior" quality relatively speaking when compared to that venerable "old" Ruger MK line of pistols. I think the jury is still out on the "longevity" of the new "sexy" .22lr pistols. I am not sure I honestly think they can take the same amount of abuse as the all metal MKIII (I realize there are all-metal alternatives like the Ria 1911-22 and a few others but some of them are a bit too pricey for me for a .22lr).
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