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I like it.
I lost the rifle already!

My recently 10 year old daughter has already laid claim to this rifle. When she saw it she said "ooh what is that" I told her it was my new elk rifle. She picked it up and matter of factly said when she is old enough to hunt elk it will be her elk rifle.

Don't mean to hijack the thread but how important is light weight and why? It was not unusual for me to carry 80-100lbs of gear all day long going through every terrain. I was 10 years younger and 40lbs lighter but still I don't see an issue with carrying around a 10-12lb rifle.
20 years ago I'd have said the same thing, I was light infantry then in an Airborne unit. However chasing elk at 7000+ feet all day things get heavier the older I get and I'm soon to be on the north side of 40. This is a rifle for carrying all day and shooting occasionally at large game.

What does it weigh?

How do you like the ultralight mcmillan hunters edge stock?
Near as I can tell it is 7.5 lbs as that is about what the components weigh, maybe a little lighter since there is no bottome metal. My scales for weighing my rifles are in storage right now. So that is the best I can tell you.

As far as the stock goes this is my first rifle that has the Edge. I like the ergos on the Edge as it seems to fit me very well. I'll let you know how it feels as soon as I shoot it.
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