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Have any of you just given up on a gun design that just wasn't working for you? Frustration is beginning to set in with me and my DAO semi auto's.

I have two, a newly aquired SCCY CPX-2, and a Kel Tec P-32.
No offense intended, but it's not fair to indict DAO pistols based on the two you chose. When you buy $300 guns, you get get cheap guns with cheap triggers.

A Glock, M&P, XD or HK (w/LEM) will have triggers remarkably different from the ones you're struggling with. I understand that the firearms I named will be harder to conceal -- but anyone who makes a reasonable effort should have no trouble concealing a reasonably-sized weapon.

If cost is the issue (and I understand this is often the case), you can find a used Glock (police trade-in) for about $400. If you send it to Glock they'll check every component and replace any part that needs upgrading -- at no charge. Then you'll have a dependable weapon with a decent trigger (and for $20 you can change the connector and have an even better trigger).

Just saying.
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