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I'm certainly no expert in shotguns, but here's what info I can offer.
I have a Stoeger double barrel and for the money and my particular standards, it's well made, functions as it should and generally looks cool.
A couple things surprised me. One is the extra weight of the barrels. (I guess that one shouldn't have been a surprise though) Another is the kick it has, considering the overall weight of the gun. My Mossberg is lighter, but seems to have less felt recoil with a given ammo load. Fortunately, the stock is short enough for me to use a recoil reducing butt-pad without having a long L.O.P. The trigger is a little stout, but seems to improve with use.
Stouger uses an internal link that resets the safety anytime it's reloaded. I wasn't pleased with that, so I did a little filing on that part of the action which not only gives me the option of when to set the safety, but also free's up the trigger pull a bit.
Overall, I'm pretty pleased with it. I'm not into cowboy action shooting, so I think it was strictly the cool-factor that cinched the deal for me to buy this gun.
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