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And thanx for commenting all input and recommendations are welcome here..You are right about the 223/556 holding much more round capacity which brings it to an advantage in this category ..But the fact of the matter with the most popular calibers such as 556/223 308 762x39 etc ..are actually harder to get in a bug situation or an OBAMA Scare like what we are currently in.Also my lease owner does not allow us to hunt on his land with nothing less than 6.5mm..Ammunition prices have sky rocketed through the roof and when people get scared of an actual bugout situtation or political situation your supply and demand comes into 50 beowulf supply is currently close to 2000 rounds.It is not the cheapest round nor the most readily available round but i much more prefer this over any 223/556 just from the devastating effects that it has had on my animal kills.I dont believe i will be able to carry all 2000 rounds on me unless i am a serious body builder but i would be able to carry more than a few hundred rounds on me with tac vest and my bug out bag..The reason i also dont carry the 556/223 round as a hunting round is because i have had a few problems with it in the past in amazon..we have a really hard time taking down hogs and jaguar with it..Usually if you shoot the animal ..either two things happen..they either get scared and run off about a mile away and die..or they get ****** off and end up killing or seriously injuring you.some people here where i live swear by it and they use it for almost any situation..For me its good all purpose military round that has been killing people for decades..but i rather prefer the knockdown power of the 50beowulf ..Im not the best of shots and i know if i miss a vital area and i hit a leg or arm the beowulf energy/bullet and weight will rip off the limbs very easily..As for a the pelican case being a bug out bag will be my other option in this category and i am going to have to take it out on a test run using the Rucsac when i go back hunting on the trail , but Taylorce1 has pointed me in a good direction with a waterproof sac which i think is a great addition..Thanx again for your input and you have made some really good valid points..
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