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What is this old pistol?

Bought an old pistol from one of my employees many years ago for $5. He was going to throw it away and it looked interesting. Put it in a box and forgot it. He said it belonged to his great grandpa who was involved in some of the border (Mexican/American) skirmishes around the turn of the century. I am cleaning up my gun room and it is a spurless 6 shot revolver, nickel plated, looks like 2" octagon barrel, the bridge above the cylinder has "safety hammer" and "double action". Hammer has "patented April 5, 1887" on it. Handgrips are plastic(?) and have a design that almost looks like S&W but isn't (H&R?). The bore is smaller than a .38, maybe a .32. I'm thinking an early model H&R pocket pistol or something. Serial number is 91 (under the left grip). Any ideas? I had intended on trashing it as junk but saw/remembered that patent date and thought I'd better do further research.
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