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No, I am not saying that the NRA or other "Major Players" dont know what they are doing, but the fact that a small group wants to be the only one to go forward worries me, extremely.
This is so true. Attorneys around the state are really fed up with "major players" telling other people to step aside and leave this up to them. In fact, if the organizations attorneys are doing this, or thinking of doing this, they need to stop and realize that any such action is an offense that can be taken to the attorney grievance committee. It's not OK for attorneys to contact plaintiffs or other attorneys and tell them to not file suit for their benefit. Just imagine the consequences for doing that with an issue other than gun rights (insurance litigation, wills/estates/trusts, banking law, etc). Major, major problem. Even bigger ethical problem when an attorney calls the attorney of a client and asks them to sink the filing of their clients case for the benefit of the original attorney and their organization. That's actually criminal, and...well, I won't go into further detail. It suffices to say that's not kosher.
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