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Originally Posted by Al Norris
The "Major Players" had counseled that a few weeks should pass so that the law could be properly studied and a considered reply be brought.

This advice was apparently unheeded.
While I really do understand the risk of a bad precedence, I have to take a pause though...While I understand the "Major Players" are also working to bring forth a case to challenge the law, in part or whole, I did not know there was a monopoly on who could decide, as in the "Major Players"... That causes as much concern to me as the law itself.

Why? If we had listened to a "Major Player" such as the NRA who wasnt initially interested in the Heller case, we would not be as far as we are today. At times it takes a new or different idea to continue to move things forward.

No, I am not saying that the NRA or other "Major Players" dont know what they are doing, but the fact that a small group wants to be the only one to go forward worries me, extremely.
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