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Here in West Central Florida there does not seem to be a shortage of Reloading supplies as of yet. My LGS shelves are full of reloading supplies including presses. I also have a local store that specializes in reloading and he is fully stocked with no shortages in component. He also has all equipment needed to start reloading. I found this place by just driving around he carries all the major brands in presses. Plus he sells his reloads to the public.

This past weekend I picked up 3500 small pistol primers and Monday I picked up 3500 large pistol primers. I will be buying several thousand primers every week when I go to the range. They will only allow you to purchase 6000 primers a day. I also picked up several 1000 .38 125gr jacketed bullets and several 1000 .45cal 200gr bullets. I need to pick up some 9mm bullets and some .44 bullets then I will be set for awhile. Because I have several 1000's of rounds of brass saved up.

When I get paid next week I will probably go to the reloading store and finish stocking up on supplies before we see any shortages here.
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