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Mike Irwin:

Nice pre-Model 10/pre-Victory/pre-square butt/pre-five screw, Jeff.
I've been looking for a Model of 1899 to join my collection (that's right, I collect Smith & Wesson revolvers, 22 of them at this point) for years now.

It seems that every time I find one I'm minutes late and someone else is buying it.Last one was a fairly pristine 6" in .38 Long Colt with a high three-digit serial number for under $1k.

That one hurt.
Thanks Mike. Mine has a couple issues ,as I'm sure you've noticed. But all the parts have the correct serial numbers - to include the grips. Mecahnically it's in good shape and the finish isn't bad considering it's 111 years old.

I picked it up for $375.00 at a local pawn shop of all places. Originally it was priced at $500.00, but it had sat in their display case for several months and they wanted to move it out the door. The manager came down to $450 initially and when I hesitated dropped to $375.00 and I was sold.

I believed (and still do) that I wasn't going to do much better than that. Even with the original end cap on the ejector rod missing. Like you I collect S&W revolvers and I've been wanted an 1899 in my collection for awhile. I'm not a rich man so I take my little finds where and when I can. If there are a few (minor) issues I figure I can live with them.
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