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I think those who jump on the bandwagon now supporting such a ban or other restrictions such as has been spoke of by POTUS and various congressmen/women will have already jumped to another issue when the midterms and next presidential election comes around. There is a smaller anti firearm base then the pro firearm base, at least from my viewpoint.

Those who have a long standing interest, such as many here, will continue to remember, and will probably vote accordingly. I feel this is what brings some pause to certain politicians when it comes to supporting, say a new AWB. They loose not only certain voters, but also the campaign money, and other funding, either direct or indirect, which can be used to either support another candidate, or to discredit their future campaign.

Thats why its so important to not only be vocal (but respectful ) about your views, but to remember when it comes time to donate to campaigns, or other political charities, and cast our votes.
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