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Either way you are getting a Cohen inspired gun.... Do you want to buy one from the company whose rep he already ruined or the one he is currently ruining? My personal choice is neither but YMMV.

MIM parts when done correctly is a advantage, not a negative. How this MIM misinformation can keep spreading as only a negative is tiresome.
They are a advantage for the manufacturer because they reduce cost which may or may not be passed on to the consumer. IMHO it is a crime the price Kimber charges for their pretty MIM filled guns. MIM done right is a perfect example of the good enough to get the job done mentality that dominated Kimbers philosophy and now dominates Sigs. MIM in and of itself is not the issue it is the philosophy behind its introduction. It was not introduced to make the pistol better it was introduced to make it cheaper to manufacture. It is a perfect example of what I call the "pinto principle"....
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