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DAO woes

Have any of you just given up on a gun design that just wasn't working for you? Frustration is beginning to set in with me and my DAO semi auto's.

I have two, a newly aquired SCCY CPX-2, and a Kel Tec P-32. I admit to be a novice shooter at best and hold no pride in my shooting and would really like to have better control of my pistols. I have been practicing my darn'est to keep my aim as I pull the the long trigger back and not side to side. I thought I was doing fairly well getting about 6" groups (though still a bit low and left of POA) at 21 ft., until I fired my wife's SA Bersa Thunder 380 for the first time today. With that pistol in SA I was holding 2" groups on aim at the same 21 ft. I was thrilled with my results, but then discouraged that I could not do that with my own. I know the inner self in me is saying to sell off the DAO's and get a DA/SA, but I would much rather learn to shoot the pistols I have now. I like to believe that anything can be learned - perhaps I need to set up more time with a private instructor. The wife and I are scheduled for our CCW class this coming March and I don't think shooting 6" groups would qualify...
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