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Ruger Redhawk the best double action 44 mag?
I’m curious about what aspects make it the best 44 mag.
It’s a very strong gun but being investment cast rather than forged the size of the frame does not mean as much increase in strength as some think MIO.
The trigger on the Ruger is nowhere near a S&W. Also the weight gives the S&W an edge.
With that said if I was going to spend its life shooting full magnums I also would buy the Ruger. If I was going to hunt, same way. If I was going to carry a 44 then I would get the S&W.
I also disagree about the shorter barrel. It may not be a long range gun but inside of 15 yards it’s got a lot going for it.
If you’re going to use the 44 for range only then I would go with the super Blackhawk. That, is the tank of revolvers.
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