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Reading on that judgment She said the bill was simply poorly written and she want's to be sure gun owners are protected from a poorly written law. I can see her point where guns are concerned.
I can understand where she's coming from, I suppose. It seems that something would have been better than the nothing we have now though. My wife works for the U of A, and it'd be real nice if she could carry. She was on campus as a student during that shooting in the early 2000's. Most don't even remember it now. And through years of listening to politicians speak, things like "poorly written" and "want to protect so and so" usually (not always) mean there's another underlying, but unspoken reason.

Remember, Feinstein's AWB is designed to protect citizens more than the poorly written '94 AWB.

But again, I'm largely happy with my Governor...not so much with the Representative of my Congressional District, Ron Barber.
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