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Further, we don't know how they feel about NFA and private fully automatic weapons in private hands as that wasn't the issue before the court.
Don't we? "Dangerous and unusual" must have come up in your reading of Heller.

They can't hear a case on abortion rights, and veer DIRECTLY off on recreational drug use. They can only leave bread crumbs for another lawyer to follow and put that issue before them phrased in the same way citing the case they left the bread crumbs in.
Let's be honest -- Heller did veer off a little bit, although not to the level of exaggeration you mention. For example, the dicta creating the presumptively lawful restrictions on bans on felons, mentally ill, etc. There is no constitutional basis for those, they were not the issue before the court, and poof! SCOTUS created them out of thin air.

Now the antis are citing them as clear support for laws mandating single-shot firearms locked in the basement of a state armory.
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