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I can't recommend the single 10... in fact I disliked mine so much I tore it apart ( well actually it's in the process of gettin a new barrel, new cylinder, & a center fire conversion... more on that later )

I love the feel of the gun, & maybe if it had a reverse indexing pawl, I would have warmed up to it, but with all the tiny holes almost touching each other, I found it too easy to slip just past that hole for the extractor, & to have to role a full rotation to get there again... if the 22 cases just slid out like my 45's that might have helped, but they all need to feel the rod, & I found when trying to speed shoot I kept missing a hole...

Love my single action revolvers, but would suggest the single six if you were going that route... but as a companion gun to your auto, the SP 101 is definately the way to go in the Ruger revolvers...
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