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Win-Lose, again here is the same old foolish concept.

Taking this a step further.... as judgement is clearly not universal and there are already laws on the books, what methods are available to ensure that individuals don't sell to the prohibited?
Laws do not ensure, guarantee, or prevent anything ever.

Are you ever going to get this concept? Or do you disagree?

If laws actually prevented crime, we would have no crime.

Laws are a guide for the law abiding and a justification to punish the law breaker. But they do not stop anything. In fact, you can not stop these acts. You can't do it, it can't be done. At least not in a free society.

There are however numerous science fiction stories/movies which leverage the idea that if government exercises absolute control, and the population can be coerced or co-opted into submission, then you can get pretty damn close.

I don't recall anyone who watched those shows thinking the people were getting a really good deal out of it all.
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