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Originally Posted by Husqvarna
tell me about the groundhogs and whatnot, surely there is a purpose to it?
Purpose to it.... They're annoying. Does that count? We shoot them, in theory, because they ruin farmers crops and can be dangerous to livestock (stepping in holes). In reality, I shoot them because it's a challenge to hit them from a long ways away and I enjoy it. Coyotes too. Shoot them and they lay where they fall. Crows, same thing. Starlings, English Sparrows too.

It's no different to me than if I enjoyed golf or basketball. If I make a really long shot, we hoorah and High-5. It's a game.

These animals are of no use, alive or dead, at least in the numbers that they exist. I shoot them because I can and so do 10s of thousands of others.

The only reason deer are different is because a lot of people eat them. There's no ethical difference. I don't eat 95% of the deer I kill. I give them away or take them to a butcher shop to be donated.
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