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Wait up here. Explain how it is unenforceable?

Local cops have arrested Feds on violations of local and federal laws in the past. We all know even Federal Agents sometimes boff it and mess themselves over just like anyone else. So they can be arrested for violating a state's law.

You guys are correct that this is a message and the message is, "The 10th is alive and well". It's also a message that draws a line. That this is a State issue, not a Federal issue.

But if it were voted on and passed, and was signed into law. It doesn't mean it's a moot point or can't be enforced, it means there is going to be a conflict coming. A contention over the 10th is not a bad thing the way I see it. It's way past time that the States started telling the Fed to back up. Our states have sold themselves to the Federal government at almost every turn and the Fed continues to take our money in the form of taxes and use it as a club to keep the States in obedience.

I am very happy to live in a State where the Governor has the courage to face the President and tell him NO. Jan Brewer has already told them to put up or shut up on Immigration in Arizona so I think her pen will touch paper if the AZ. Congress takes this to a vote and it passes.

You don't think she chose this photo-op by random do you.
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