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While on the subject of files:

Sadly, Nicholson no longer makes files in the US. They're now made in Brazil. I've used Nicholson files made in the US and now made off-shore.

I no longer think Nicholson files made off-shore are worth my money. I'm going to see if Boggs can make them cut better, but I'm rather doubting it. It seems as tho the Brazilian files are going dull faster than the US-made files did.

Anyway, you're going to have to learn to seek out quality tools in this age of increasingly predominate crap tools. It used to be that companies took pride in turning out tools used by masters and craftsman - no more, apparently.

For more and more of my files, I'm turning to companies like Grobet and files made in Europe.

As others have said about files and screwdrivers: They're your life blood, along with the tools you will make. You're going to learn to make tools, have no doubt of that. Never lend them out. When you get fully tooled up, you will have hundreds of dollars tied up in files, hundreds more in screwdrivers and punches, and hundreds of hours in custom tooling, fixtures and jigs.
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