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Sure thing, here ya go.

And if you don't feel like reading it, here's a quote:

According to the latest available data, those
who use guns in violent crimes rarely purchase
them directly from licensed dealers; most guns
used in crime have been stolen or transferred
between individuals after the original purchase.
Amazing, that jives with what I was saying.

That's not enough? Ok, how about this:

Here's the important part to get out of this:

One thing is for certain. There are very few reports of gun crimes committed with a gun the shooter purchased at “Joes Sporting Goods,” while there are great many reported gun crimes where the source of the weapon is officially “unknown.”
Unknown origin? Couldn't be because it wasn't reported stolen? Or maybe had a serial number filed off? Nah, couldn't be.

And what about this?

You absolutely cannot deny that stolen firearms are a source of guns for a criminals...either through a fence, or personally stolen. There's precious little we can do, by ourselves, to curb criminals with guns. Keeping your guns secured is one, relatively easy, relatively cheap way of doing that. If you don't want to do it, well, that's on you, and that's why I have protect myself against criminals that do also.

The bottom line here is that statistics for the number of stolen guns used in crimes is skewed horribly for many reasons. One is the lack of reporting of stolen firearms. Two is many crimes (including those that use guns, such as murder, rape armed robbery, etc.) aren't ever solved. Three is there is no requirement for local/state police to report any of the data of whether a stolen gun was used in a crime...just that a gun was used in a crime. Can I prove my point? No, not completely, but you can't tell me that guns stolen from citizens like you and me aren't used in very many crimes either. (If you could, I'd do what you told me to do, and prove it...)
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