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Originally Posted by harathor
how many speed loaders/speed strips should I have for it? I have a good number for my model 36 snub nose but that may be a bad idea as far as accuracy goes at this point lol, and I do much better with the K and N frame.
Use your 4" M65. You can use your M36 if you want, but accuracy aside, you'll be severely handicapped with it's 5-shot capacity. Most find their first match humbling, but fun, too. Too much of the former, and too little of the latter might leave a bad taste in your mouth.

For IDPA, I'd recommend a minimum of 3 speedloaders. Put 2 of them in front of your holster, and the 3rd on your weak side, behind your waist's centerline. You can load loose rounds at the line, or use a 4th speedloader that's kept in your vest pocket. Since the max mandatory minimum round count in IDPA is 18 (and those are rare), it's unlikely you'll ever need the 3rd loader on your weak side, but it's nice to have on one of those long stages if all goes to Hell.

Round counts in ICORE & USPSA stages are typically higher - up to 36 or so, so I'd recommend a minimum of 7 speedloaders & holders.

BTW, as far as holders, if you need to buy some, be aware that IDPA mandates the body of the speedloader has to be covered, so Safariland holders aren't IDPA-legal. Popular kydex holders that can be used in all 3 include BladeTech, ReadyTac, and North Mountain.
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