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Does the serial number have an alphabetical prefix, and is the gun actually stamped "MOD 10-x" (where "x" is a single-digit number) inside the cylinder yoke cut?

If the gun is marked with the model number, it should have a "C" or "D" prefix before the 6-digit number; this prefix is considered part of the serial and is essential to correctly verifying the age. No-prefix, V-prefix, S-prefix, and low C-prefix guns should not be model number stamped. (FWIW V-prefix guns may have the "V" on the opposite side of the lanyard loop hole or lanyard loop plug.)

Are you looking for a period-correct manual or simply ANY manual? The "Revolvers - Modern Style" PDF manual on the S&W website is adequate if you don't care about the manual's provenance.

Re: value, please post pictures- it's hard to accurately judge condition based on a description, and these guns often have modifications or refinishing that affects the collector value.
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