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Marksmanship Training Rifle

I currently own a Ruger M77 .338, a Remi 700 .300wm, a Ruger Mini 14, a Ruger 10/22, a Sig M400, and my most recent purchase, a Ruger American .30-06. I am in no way a experienced marksman, the most I shoot is to zero my rifles, go out for the hunt and then only shoot them once or twice, if that. Anyways I enjoy the Ruger American because it is perfect for that and with the smaller, non-magum, caliber I can take my kids with me when they get old enough.

I recently wanted to make shooting a hobby though so I bought a bunch of Korean Surplus .30-06 for 25 cents a round and took to the range to practice. To my dismay I found that the barrel became hot very quickly after about 4 or 5 shots (these were very evenly spaced shots) and my American with it's adjustable trigger and all sucked as a marksman training rifle.

Anyways I am wondering what kind of rifle to get for marksman training. My choices are a Remi 700 .223 for $417 with a cheap Remi scope from WM, a Ruger M77 Hawkeye .223 with a ancient Leupold scope for $440 from a local pawn shop, the Tikka T3 Lite .223 for $699 from Cabela's with whatever scope I put on it, or...because I know I am going to get a suggestion on aftermarket mods for the Remi 700...I can put a custom bolt and barrel on my Sig M4 or Mini and use that. More so on the Sig M4 because my 7yo daughter is expressing interest in competition marksmanship and she handles the M4 very well with the adjustable stock accomidating her shorter arms.

Anyways...what I am looking for is just a good target shooting rifle, I really like the bolt and action on the Ruger M77, very clean and crisp; but the Tikka offers a very smooth action as well and it has a fluted barrel, I am not sure if that will maintain a cool barrel any better than any of the others. I just need some experienced shooters' advice on what rifle and caliber to buy. I am not trying to become a scout sniper or anything so, although it is a very good rifle, I don't want to get the Remi and spend 1200 modifying it to be a target rifle; unless that is the most reasonable choice. I just want to be a hobby target shooter and maybe pass it to my daughter or her younger brother who are both expressing interest in rifle marksmanship.

Oh I was also told that a bolt action would be the best choice but I need someone to chime in on that as well, that way I can know if just modding the Sig or Mini is the best choice. If I do go with a .223 bolt it will most likely not be used for hunting because I believe that I shouldn't kill anything I don't intend to eat and I don't don't have a taste for priarie dog or any of the smaller game; it will be for strictly target shooting. Oh, and I know I am getting long winded at this point but the rifles I've stated are just the ones that I have had the chance to shoot or just generally handle. If you know of a better rifle feel free to suggest it.

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