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They may also have bought guns before they became prohibited persons; they may have passed NICS checks because states have not all been reporting in a uniform manner (for example, a judge in Maine just ordered her court to forward NICS related paperwork from now on - they had not been doing so prior because while the Feds want the info, they did not fund the request, and the court in Maine had no money to process and send the appropriate info all this time); they may have exchanged drugs or other goods for guns from people who the system does not realize should be prohibited persons.

On the other hand, guns have been stolen in large numbers via such methods as smashing trucks through the walls of gun shops.

One would think there should actually be a government metric showing how many guns used in crimes had been reported stolen. Perhaps you should look that up, Gaerek, since it is your argument that the number constitutes a significant percentage.
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