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Manta, I think you are being a bit overly sensitive here.

The point has been made repeatedly in the media that firearm homicides are lower in the UK and many other European countries, than they are in the US.

Several people pointed out that if one looks at all homicide, the differences shrink. Others pointed out the there are differences in how homicide is reported, nation to nation, and this can significantly affect the reported homicide rate or murder rate.

Then someone else pointed out that perhaps we should include the crime of genocide, since genocide is a crime committed by governments or quasi-governments. If we include genocide, North America in this century looks pretty good in comparison to Europe, Asia, and Africa. I would also add that South America compares quite favorably as well.

No one is saying that the US is without fault. No one is saying that "Americans are more tolerant than those bad Europeans". People were just pointing out that it is a lot more complicated than simply comparing the firearm homicide rate between the UK and the USA. A lot more complicated.

Prior to 1905, there was no recognition of genocide. Wholesale slaughter or enemy civilian populations was considered a normal part of warefare, and civil wars usually involved elements of genocide and slaughter based on ethnicity, religeous affiliation, or geographic origin.
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