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My angle is two-fold. In this forum, many folks do their level best to help those new to handloading. There's a lot of different reasons that folks offer this help. For me, it's about giving back for help I've gotten in other forums. Some with guns and handloading, more so with motorcycles and other projects. But there's a big angle for me that believes being a handloader means being part of a larger group and there's a lot of advantages of being a part of this little club.

So that's one angle -- we don't want to see a new handloader handicapped by outrageously POOR equipment. It sounds like a good deal because the crap is cheaper than anything else on the market...but if you can't use it effectively, you spend MORE in the long run with absolutely inferior (and in some cases, completely NON-working) equipment.

The other angle is simple: the American companies that build the tools we use are held in very high regard. They are innovative and produce excellent products that give us a life time of service. And these items are affordable. And backed by fantastic customer service. So when I see these SOB's from "Smart Reloader" blatantly rip them off and copy their items directly, it angers me and I feel compelled to post about it.

I really wish the biggest e-tailers in our world would simply stop offering the crap and sucking new handloaders in.
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