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When I returned home from doing my time with Uncle Sam (1968 to 1970) I bought my first high power rifle.

It was a Parker and Hale in 3006 caliber and looked just like the rifle you have pictured.
I bought this rifle from J C Penny of all places, them was the good old days.

I do recall the bolt having a good deal of movement when it was all the way to the rear.
However when a round was chambered it was good and tight.

As a matter of fact this was one of the most accurate rifles right out of the box that I ever owned.
Three shots at 100 yards using Reminton 150 gr factory loads could be covered with a dime and you could not see a hole.

Being a young fool I traded the rifle off, I sure wished I would have kept it.

By the way welcome to the Firing Line, Jim.

Best Regards
Bob Hunter
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