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So... clearly you exercise good judgement and therefore should not need to perform any additional due diligence. You do realize that your words represent a very strong case for universal background check requirements?

Taking this a step further.... as judgement is clearly not universal and there are already laws on the books, what methods are available to ensure that individuals don't sell to the prohibited?
So if we go back a little further in time - pre 68 GCA when there were no FFLs, let alone checks and folks ordered guns from magazines delivered to their homes, even at 16, where was all of this lib concern? No school shootings, even though kids brought guns to school all the time, no need for any checks, yet society was very safe and secure.

Keep the Feds out of our personal business, no matter what it is - especially social issues. There has never been a social issue program "helped" by the fed involvement that was ever worth having - every single program has been a failure with cost overruns, unintended consequences and restrictions, one size fits all mentality that fits no one and solves nothing. This becomes a mere step to total confiscation - except for the criminals - and I include the elected politicians in that group
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