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In the 80's I was in one of those CW re-inactor clubs. While they don't do it today, back then we had live round shoots at targets, usually 9" pieces of tile hung from a 2x4 at 25 yds or 50 yds and it was fun shooting. We shot in groups of four and were timed, so we shot fast. We used plastic cups to hold the ball and powder charge. We also stuck our bayonet in the ground next to us and used the socket to hold the ram rod....probably not authentic, but that's what we did.

Someone was always forgetting to removed their ramrod and shot it down range, or they tried to. It doesn't go far and it bends about at it's middle about 90 degrees. So you end up with a crooked ramrod, which cannot be straighted. I'd say it happened once or twice during every shoot.

Long story short, if Clark Gable shot one from a musket at an Indian it would not stick into him like an arrow. It'd go sideways and bounce off.

I never did it, because I was shooting an original gun and kept thinking about not wanting to ruin that old ramrod. When it happens though it kicks like mad. We were loading 60 grains of FFG, and a greased minie ball which was the old loading.
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