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Ruger SR22 fits like a glove, and comes with 2 mags and 2 handgrips (1 large and 1 small). I love mine it has an attached barrel which gives the feel of a larger caliber gun with the cost effeciency of 22 rounds. It has a 3 1/2" barrel but it is very accurate even at longer distances. The M&P 22 is a full size gun, comes with only one mag., and costs more. Last night I was shooting a tennis ball on a string @21' and hitting it even as it was swinging from previous shots. My targets @ 33' are just as tight grouped as @ 21'. I replaced my guide rod from the plastic original to a stainless steel one from for $15 with shipping, and it works awesome. Feed issues from bulk ammo have not been a problem for me because I always depress the mag spring lever and tap the rounds to the back of the mag before releasing the tension (like military training with an M-16 mag). I never have feed issues and I routinely use different types of cheap bulk ammo. This is a fun gun to shoot and my 7 yr. old is able to reach the trigger without any issues and he even hit the tennis ball last week with it. Go Ruger! I picked mine up for $319.00 with soft case, 2 mags, trigger padlock, 2 handgrips, and 2 extra mag plates (for larger grip). All you need are bullets and your ready to go.

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