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Do you call the treatment of North American Indians as a good example of tolerance.
Quote. Unlike post-war Germany, North Americans refuse to acknowledge this genocide. Almost one and a quarter million Kanien'ke:haka (Mohawk) were killed off leaving us only a few thousand survivors.
There was a systematic plan to destroy most of the native people by outright murder by bounty hunters and land grabbers, disease through distributing small pox infested blankets, relocation, theft of children who were placed in concentration camps called "residential schools" and assimilation.

PS Some times people should look closer to home before slagging of other countries.

Mods can delete this if they want. I think its relevant as posters seem happy to have a go at other countries. And talk about how civilized America is.
Well, we can go back that far if you like. I was thinking in the last 100 years, but, sure we can go back further. Lets look at Belgium and the Congo. Lets look at Turkey and the Armenians. Lets look at Great Britain and the Opium Wars in China. I can give more examples if you want?

As for Americans slagging off other countries, give me a break. How many out there are bitching about the U.S? Loads, especially in Europe.

Have the British apologized to the Native Americans for implementing biological warfare against them. Small Pox. Nope I do not think so.

I will stand by what I say regarding the U.S and tolerance. It is no perfect but does not compare with the atrocities carried out by the European nations. Now do not get me wrong, I am proud of my Anglo heritage, but I stand by what I say.
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