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I bought a Condor Competition about 2 1/2 years ago. Mine was made in Brazil, not Turkey. Overall, not bad for the price, $610 out the door at Dick's. Did have some initial problems: stock not inletted properly, hammer spring for top barrel was dragging, causing light primer strikes; trim covering the space between barrels is glued on, came loose, had to re-glue with better adhesive; after patterning, need to change out the machine screws/spacers to get proper adjustment on comb (simple hardware store stuff). Since then it's worked fine. Triggers aren't bad. About 4000 rounds so far and still gong (I'm just a hobbiest @ trap). If you are handy mechanically, it's probably OK, If not, look somewhere else. For me, I was able to get into trap shooting when I had little $ to invest. It isn't a Browning, etc. but it will do the job if I do mine. Every now and then a friend lets me shoot his Parrazi (we are very similar in size/fit). I always slam it closed as I am not used to the smooth action vs the stiff Stoger.
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