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One of the issues I am seeing more so, as things slowly move along there is a growing political divide on both sides...

There has always been a split along pro and anti firearm sides, but...

This time around there is alot more folks, such as many Sheriff's around the country speaking out against any AWB or mag restrictions. I've seen a couple of Police Chief's speak out against the AWB and mag restrictions too, but whats telling, at least to me, are those Chiefs who repeatedly decline to comment now. These Chiefs know that it has become a pink slip issue if they speak about supporting either side.

I'm seeing more grass roots support for firearm freedoms instead of restrictions too. Its easier today to voice support for or against legislation with email. Even going as far as what Ruger has done to make it easy for folks to contact their elected congress critters.

With the "memory fades" statement that Glenn noted above, politicians also usually understand that others have a "long memory"...Who has a long memory? Those whose rights have been restricted or affected in a negative fashion.

As to NICS being opened up? I dont see it for the ordinary folks who dont hold an FFL. I could honestly see there be some regulation that certain person to person sales be subject to NICS check, but that would also bring in the issue of requiring a FFL to do the transfer, since they alreay have NICS access. I could see the possibility of granting NICS access to 03 FFL's, though it may conflict on the private collection vs business aspect.


Reason why I dont see NICS being opened up is that with NICS being connected to the FFL system, there is already a system in place to ensure compliance, record keeping, and to spot inconsistancies, which is the audit process that the ATF does to FFL's. If NICS were opened up to everyone, there would not be that same level of compliance, and record keeping, and no way to ensure it.

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