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Cool on building the AR!

I suggest you do not shoot rabbits with it if you want to eat them.
Yeah I think anything moving close to 3000 FPS on a rabbit probably doesn't leave much left haha.

Actually,for a pure-d rabbit gun,that kraigwy got it right!A savage 24...its an old break action ,like a single shot shotgun,but its an over and under ,with a .22 barel on top.At first,410 was the shotgun option,later it went to a 20 ga option.
I have been keeping my eye out for one of these or something similar since I heard about them. Seems like the perfect small game gun and just a slick gun to add to the collection. I have seen some of the CZ models in .22/20 gauge but they were a little more money than I was wanting to spend at the time.

Not many tigers in AK,but they do have bears.
Very true, not a huge concern this time of year but I learned how common bear was up here my first summer. A decent sized black bear almost strolled into my friends garage. We were getting ready to BBQ and saw him round the corner of the house, he saw us, paused then turned around and strolled the other way like he was taking a walk in the park. I have been carrying my 1911 with BB hard cast .45 but am thinking of a 460 Rowland conversion before I start hiking a lot next summer.
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